POS Mobile Wallets

Goldsoft POS Mobile Wallets

Why POS + Mobile Wallets?

Provide Chinese Tourists a secure payment experience

Around 450 million of Alipay’s Chinese tourists travel to Malaysia annually.

Malaysian Cashless Payment On The Rise

MaybankPay, CIMBPay, WECHATpay, SamsungPay, Boost, Touch ‘n Go and more mobile wallets coming soon in 2018.

How Does It Work?

Goldsoft POS Alipay Button when checkout
Step 1: Customer makes payment, cashier click on accept Alipay button on POS

Goldsoft POS scanning on customer's phone Alipay barcode
Step 2: Cashier scan on customer’s phone Alipay barcode

Goldsoft POS Alipay successful payment shows on phone
Step 3: Transaction is immediately processed and customer received payment notification

Alipay successful payment shows on POS
Step 4: Alipay successful payment shows on POS

Retailer's Benefits

Reduce Terminal Devices

Mobile wallets direct integration to Goldsoft POS.

Increase Sales

Accepting all kinds of mobile wallets at one POS system.

Scan and Pay

Cashier does not need to double key in amount at the terminal device.

Drive Footfall

Attract cashless payment users to spend at your shops.
Boost your sales today. Go Goldsoft POS Mobile Wallets.
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