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"After implementing Goldsoft Sales Order Portal, Sales order only needs to be keyed in once and the delivery process has been speed up ever since."  

Bruce Lee, 
Chief Executive Officer, of Mengkah Auto Parts Trading

“A lifetime business partner willing to grow together with our business and ensure long term sustainability.” 

Chong Chin Look, 
Group Finance Director, of Bonia Corporation Bhd.

"The consignment mobile app is easy to use. It gives us real time sales & stock information which greatly improve decision making and help to improve our month end accounts closing & inventory management."  

George Eng, 
Senior Finance Manager, of Miwaki

“We finally gain control over our consignment inventory which has helped us to avoid over-stocking hence reducing unnecessary inventory costs.” 

Billy Sen, 
Executive Director, of Windsir

"What used to be a one night ordeal to run the monthly consignment sales report can now be done within 30 seconds."

James Wong
IT Manager, of Jordone Corporation 
"The best part of the system is the extensive feature set that suits our line of business- lingerie retail and consignment."  

Ms Teo, 
Executive Director, of Skiva

“Goldsoft ERMS improved our time efficiency and reduced unnecessary manpower costs enabled us to expand our business with confidence.” 

Teh Choon Siang, 
Managing Director, of Gene Martino Apparel

“It is easy to choose a new software partner but the reason we are still here after 10 years is because Goldsoft hears our problems and tries their best to resolve it.” 

Carol Lim, 
Director, of Checkers Hypermarket

“We gained substantial time savings as manual processes that used to take 1 day to complete can now be completed within 15 minutes through automation.”  

Steed Chiew, 
Head of Admin, of Depi Corporation

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“With the near real time data from our stores, we can see where the stock is, move it around and respond better to market changes applications.” 

Ricky Ng, 
Executive Director, of Miroza Leather

“In Goldsoft ERMS, we found a system that allows us to easily serve our customers, while providing us the information we need, integrating seamlessly with back-office applications.” 

Dato Seri Ng Chuan Hoo
Managing Director, of Vern's Holding

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