Consignment Mobile App

Consignment Mobile App

Real time. Easy to use. Take your consignment business to another level.
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Faster Month End Accounts Closing

Real-time data greatly speed the month end accounts closing. No more depending on slow processing monthly sales reports.

Faster Decision Making

Gain valuable insights into your best/worst selling items down to the specific color/sizes at which store/ location  through real-time information to act on them quickly.
Goldsoft Consignment Mobile App
Reduce Duplicate Work

Mobile sales data sync seamlessly to head office, reduce manpower to re-key in sales data into the system.

Ease of Use

Beautiful UI designed specifically for all age of staffs. Easy to use when capture sales via phone camera or USB barcode scanner.
Reduce Fraud and Shrinkage

Increase accuracy in stock take and stock received by comparing against delivery quantity. 

View/Transfer Inventory Across Multiple Stores

Empower your staff to perform stock transfer from other counter so you never lose a sale again.

Online and Offline Mode

Run out of data plan? We allow you to capture sales with offline mode, data is only required when you sync data to head office. 

Accurate Stock Take

Using phone scanning/USB scanner to scan each stock instead of manually hand count. Quickly identify dead stock to free up your cashflow.

"The consignment mobile app is easy to use. It gives us real time sales & stock information which greatly improve decision making and help to improve our month end accounts closing & inventory management."  

George Eng, 
Senior Finance Manager, of Miwaki

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Request a Live Demo

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