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Gene Martino Apparel expand business with confidence with Goldsoft retail system.

Company: Gene Martino Apparel Sdn. Bhd.

Retail of Muslim wears

Number of Stores:  
71 boutiques throughout Malaysia

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  • Data situated across respective department and lead difficulty data consolidation
  • Unavailability of clear and consolidated inventory view across stores
  • Poor stock categorization effects filtering during reports and promotion planning
  • Time consuming work to create multiple article code to cater different color and sizes
  • Implementation of discounts & promotions was impossible due to inadequate customer buying pattern information

  • Reduce manpower
  • Centralize control to manage increasing number of outlets 

Solutions Implemented
  • Goldsoft ERMS Standard Edition
  • Goldsoft Business Intelligence

Solution Benefits
  • Significant improvements in inventory, stock take and replenishment planning
  • Synchronized data transfers between stores, warehouse and HQ increased operational accuracy
  • Easily identification of slow moving inventory for improved purchasing decision making

Results from using Goldsoft:
Office Staffs 
with Automation

from 4 delivery order and invoice staffs handled 40 outlets to 3 staffs handling 71 outlets to-date.
Reduced inventory tie up

Goldsoft ERMS Retail Solution improved our time efficiency and reduced unnecessary manpower costs enabled us to expand our 
business with confidence.

- Mr. Teh Choon Siang, 
Managing Director of Gene Martino Apparel

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