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By kimhwa 14 Nov, 2017

Mobile technology has penetrated the corporate world, business owner wants answers in real-time, and the smartphone has turned into the quickest tool to collect and find such answers.

Find out how Mobile App and Mobile Sales Portal yields significant results to our clients:

  • -20% Reduce Inventory Tie Up  
  • +50% Speed up Accounts Closing  
  • +60% Faster Decision Making
  • +80% Increase efficiency 

Client Success Story:

Mengkah Auto Parts Trading Sdn Bhd (Racing Boy)

Real-time sales order greatly speed up delivery

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Miwaki Sdn Bhd (ELLE)
Mobile App greatly speed up month end accounts closing

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By kimhwa 23 Aug, 2017
We are delighted to announce that Goldsoft was awarded the Outstanding SMEs Award at Golden Bull Award 2017-  at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 27th July 2017.  Goldsoft received the Golden Bull Award from Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong, Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities. The award was to recognize companies who achieved consistently growth in annual sales turnover over the past 3 years. We were the only IT software company to win this year.  

Since 1997, Goldsoft retail management software has significantly contributed to improved the way local retailers do business and successfully increased retailers operations efficiency especially in sales and inventory control across all branches and outlets. "It's tough to startup a business; It is even tougher to maintain a business; and the toughest is to grow the business successfully. To ensure the business everlasting, ones shall require to work conscientiously with passion, enthusiasm and never forget the objective of starting the business." - Managing Director of Goldsoft, Mr. Stephen Lim Choon San.

Goldsoft is now deploying new products to add more value to its existing and new clients. New products such as Business intelligence, mobile technology, cloud CRM, and integrate with new marketplace/payment gateway like Alipay etc to help clients reach out more new customers/channels.

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By kimhwa 16 May, 2017
Goldsoft is proud to announce its twentieth year as the leading provider of retail and trading ERP software. In an era when software companies come and go, Goldsoft has achieved two decades of innovation and steady growth.

Our ongoing success would be impossible without the support of our loyal customers who trusted in Goldsoft. We also owe our growth to our great team of  Goldsoft  who committed to our vision and to the success of our customers. 

Goldsoft's continual upgrading of existing products reflects the ongoing commitment to deliver innovative, complete, and reliable solutions to accelerate business growth.

"We pledge to be more committed towards our clients to provide better services & timely support as always in the years to come." said by Stephen Lim, Managing Director of Goldsoft.

By kimhwa 14 Apr, 2017

In business, you must react rapidly to new information, and decisions often need to be made quickly. But most consignors face one of three roadblocks when making critical business decisions:-

1. Sales data is outdated
2. No detailed data for deeper analysis
3. Reacting to outdated information

Goldsoft Consignment Mobile App is the solution!

Company Benefits:

Increase Sales

Reacting to demand in each and every store everyday- no more reacting to outdated information.

Reduce Stock Holding Cost

Obsolete items could take up your capital. Start monitor the product life cycle for every unique item to track demand pattern changes over time.

Improves Efficiency

With instant information at fingertips, headquarter can head-off problems before they arise.

Call 016-6611086 for a no-obligation demo!

By kimhwa 30 Mar, 2017

The GST tax code infographic shows you a summary of the new, renamed, removed tax codes and revised field according to the Guide on accounting software as at 2 March 2017. 


By kimhwa 23 Mar, 2017

Goldsoft is proud to announce the launch of a newly responsive website.  The new website is easy to navigate, responsive to mobile and tablet devices to show retailers how proven and integrated software can increase efficiency and reduce customer costs.

The new website also provides valued customer success stories from using Goldsoft system. In addition, the “Blog” page features new products and the latest retail GST news and GST accounting updates.

Login now  and give us your feedback at or call our hotline at (603) 9173-2802.

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