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for Consignment Management

Proven Consignment Management 

Currently serves more than 8000+ of consignment menswear, underwear and ladies fashion brands in Malaysia leading department stores.

Eliminate Consignment Pain Points

Always know what and how much you are selling with accurate daily and monthly sales reports analyzing down to the specific item to optimize your cash flow and reduce stock aging.

Manage Consignment Has Never Been Easier

Generate invoice with auto calculate margins, commissions, short & over and half bearing based on your contract with consignees. New developed mobile app to help you capture real time sales.

Consignment Mobile App

5 Effective Tools for Consignment Business

Consignment Mobile App

To capture real time sales


To capture real-time sales, an alternative way of Mobile App


Increase stock accuracy

Business Intelligence

Gain business insights

Customer Quotes

"What used to be a one night ordeal to run the monthly consignment sales report can now be done within 30 seconds!"
James Wong, IT Manager of Jordone Group

“We finally gain control over our consignment inventory which has helped us to avoid over-stocking hence reducing unnecessary inventory costs´╝ü” 
Billy Sen, Executive Director of Windsir

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